New Videos on YouTube for the Write On series.

About Building characters.


Show vs Tell ( and action tags ), Visual Words, Talking Heads, Editing.



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Write On Video Series on Writing

Write On


I have started a video series on writing, three are up now.

Covered so far: Outlines, Clustering, Pantsing, POV, Formating for Print and EBook.

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Progress on book 3, working title ‘HERMIT’

I can see about 1/2 way through the book. I’ll have to wait till I get there to see what happens next. They love keeping me in suspense. I would love to post some, but it would be spoilers for book 2.

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And the voices …

The little voices have already started for book 3. I thought I would get a break, but noooooo. It’s in the making notes stage with little scraps of paper everywhere, notes in small note books, and more notes on notepad. So the writing sage continues.

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Full jacket for the Double sided book.

Click on the image for a full screen view. Scroll down for the link to buy the book.DOUBLE cover w ISBN2adj isbn 2 books-page001

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To Order the double sided book. Both books in one.

To Order my double sided book, click the link.

Generic cover image

The Captain And …

Quinne Darkover


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It’s ALIVE!!!!!!!!!

The sequel Pathfinder is now live for kindle!


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Step by step,

All edits done! First proof looked good inside, but cover was not aligned right so had to redo that, Going for another proof. If all goes well and and the creek don’t rise, both will be out and ready by this time next week!

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1 June 28, wrote those amazing words. The End.

2 July 5, Copyright done.

3 General plan is to upload to printer this week and get a proof copy. Once that is done It can meet the world.

4 Formatting Ebook now and hope to have them release at the same time.

5 Doing a MAJOR edit on the first book to tidy up boo boos that made it through and get that re posted all at the same time.



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It Has A Name !

I freely admit I have an unusual style of writing, parts of which I have touched on before. Writing in a way that the reader feels they are watching a movie. No revealed thoughts, different POV’s to include the whole scene, not as seen through one characters eyes, plus a few other goodies. I have no clue where my ‘style’ came from, perhaps from reading hundreds of pulp fiction magazines and double sided books as I grew up. ( Yes, they used to make double sided books )

Now to the point of the title in the header. My style includes a reluctance to use the word ‘said’. he said, she said, Dick said, Jane said, all bore me. It seems a waste unless it is an action scene where things are moving rapidly. I prefer to have a character do something, then do dialog. It can be action dialog, or action dialog action or even dialog action.

Old school and many authors cling to it with a death grip proclaiming any other way is wrong.

“Settle down you two and eat,” she said.

Some might even be so bold as to use Joan said instead of SHE said.

That style works on the idea that ‘said’ is an invisible word. A word that a reader doesn’t see because it is used so much the mind blanks it out. Yes, when I read, it is invisible to me too except when I hit some odd quirky quota in my head then BOOM, every ‘said’ hits me between the eyeballs. Plus the problem for me is that when speaking with people in life, they don’t stand like mannequins. They move, gesture, make faces, and all manner of things EXCEPT stand still.

MY way.

Joan tussled Max’s hair. “Settle down you two and eat.”

Joan tussled Max’s hair. “Settle down you two and eat.” Her hand lingered to give a soft caress to the child’s cheek.

“Settle down you two and eat.” Joan tussled Max’s hair.

It just works for me. I have had a few in a large group I work with give me feedback saying.. “Who said this?” Duh, Joan did. “Then it should say she said it.” At that point my brain melts trying to figure out where they are coming from. “I have to TELL you she said something?” Sorry, not gonna happen so you can stop telling me that. It did drive me to search for what it is called and if my way was a real thing.

ACTION TAG. Yep, that is what it is called and trust me when you don’t know what something is called it can be hard to find. I started with Grammar Girl ( no luck but I hope it gets added ) and went outward from there but did find it. Once I knew what it was called, it became easy.

Now when someone says I am not using said, I can smile and say I use action tags. Do I never use said? In my WIP ( the sequel to the steampunk novel ) I am at 79,971 words and a search found ‘said’ 91 times. See I use it! Well…. 61 times it was inside dialog, bringing the he said/she said down to 30. I’m okay with that.


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